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ED…Just another thing to keep the black man down

I was really shocked to find out that Erectile Dysfunction (ED), disproportionately affected black men. Black men are up to 20 times more likely to have ED than white men. I guess this came as a shock because everytime I see a commercial for Cialis or Viagra, it’s usually an old white man. However, when I thought about it, I realized that this could definitely be true.

Since I don’t have a penis or a husband, I don’t know alot about ED; but, I do know that it is heavily linked to heart disease and diabetes, two diseases that overwhelmingly affect African Americans. I did a little research and I found out ED is linked to many conditions and illnesses such as: obesity, depression, anxiety, stress, alcoholism, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Whenever one of these conditions is present, ED usually shows its ugly face.

So my plea to black men is to do us all a favor, if your having a problem getting or keeping your buddy afloat, go to the doctor their could be a bigger issue involved.


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“Government bans slaughter of downer cows”…what the h@$% is a downer cow?

Downer Cow

Downer Cow

When I first saw this headline, I thought “What the hell is

a downer cow, please don’t tell me this is what I think it is – a cow with down syndrome. They’ve been feeding us cows with down syndrome?” Not quite, thank God.

Downer cows are cows that are too sick or too weak to stand on their own. The government now has decided that we shouldn’t be eating them, this will lower the chances that mad cow disease and E. Coli will enter our food supply. I know what your thinking…why the hell is this just happening now in 2009? Why were we ever allowed to eat cows so sick that they can’t even stand up? The answer, greed. Previously, it was okay to slaughter the cow just as long as he passed inspection first. WTF? So, the poor sick cow passes the test then passes out 30 seconds later and they chop him up and feed him to us. President Obama called the food inspection system “a hazard to public health”, and this is definitely a step in the right direction. I’m sure the vegetarians out there are going, “see, that’s why I don’t eat meat,” but lets not forgot that in the past 2 years peanuts, spinach, peppers and tomatoes have all been linked to illness or death, so meat still prevails

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